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Jared Van Aalst was a man of honor and integrity who pursued life to the fullest. He was an inspiring mentor and teacher who encouraged his Soldiers and his friends to pursue excellence in all their endeavors.

The MSG Jared Van Aalst Memorial Foundation was established to honor his life and legacy.

Jared lived a rich life, always challenging himself to learn, to grow, and to be the best, whether it was furthering his education, improving his superior marksmanship skills during shooting competitions, leading by valorous example on the battlefield, or by employing the patience and skill necessary to craft and forge custom knives. While he thrived on a life of action, he also enjoyed the simple pleasures: hunting with friends, exercising, reading a good book, sharing a glass of wine, traveling the world, or riding on his Harley with his wife and daughter Kaylie.

Since his death in August 2010, not a day goes by that his compassion and humor are not missed by those who loved him. He was a family man, the gentleman husband to Katie; the generous and loving father to daughters Kaylie and Ava, and to his posthumous son, Hugh Jared, a presence who will be forever missed.

A proponent of lifetime learning who frequently sought opportunities to further his education, Jared was pursuing his Bachelor’s degree while serving as an active duty Soldier. He was a mere two months from completing his course of study when he was killed during a combat mission in Afghanistan in August 2010.

The Foundation’s intent is to award academic scholarships in Jared’s name. It is our hope that by furthering the educational dreams of deserving students, we can honor Jared’s memory.

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MSG Jared Van Aalst Foundation